The Congregation was born from the rich source of the spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi, from which we continue to draw new and vital strength even now.

We are redeemed by and in Christ. The purpose of the life of the School Sister of St. Francis of Christ the King is to announce and spread the reign of Christ in the world, witnessing in joy and Franciscan simplicity.

In the surroundings in which we live, we carry the good news of the Gospel and we promote the quality of human life.


We, School Sisters desire to be educators in the faith:

- working as catechists in parishes

- teaching religion in parish and public schools

- we strive to promote and strengthen Christian values by means of various encounters and courses of prayer that are organized for children and youth

- we undertake to assist in the beauty of the liturgy by means of Church music with children and adults in parishes where we work

- we are searching for ways to work with Franciscan youth (GIFRA, FRAMA...) to share our charism with them


We are dedicated to the education of youth, helping them in human and responsible maturation.

- we work in pre-schools, in elementary and secondary schools

- some provinces provide special schools of domestic sciences

- teaching of music


We pledge ourselves, also, to respond to other needs of the Church and society:

- with joy we work at the sewing of sacred Church vestments, thus maintaining a Congregational tradition, as well as the love and care for the beauty of God's house desired by St. Francis

- with dedication we care for the sick and elderly in homes for the aged and in hospitals

- in offices

- in the media (radio, internet)

- as artists (sacred works)


We announce the Gospel working in the missions "to the people" and we witness by our presence and work in some areas predominantly Orthodox and Muslim.