Who we are

We are the School Sisters of St. Francis of Christ the King.

Women called to live in fraternity and minority, with simplicity and joy, the Gospel of Jesus Christ following the Rule and Life of the Third Order Regular of Saint Francis;

faithful to the original purpose of our Congregation, we want to serve Christ in the small and young people, educating them and guiding them to achieve their full human and Christian maturity;

called to spread the Kingdom of God awakening in the hearts of people the desire of Christ, the One who gives meaning to life and history.


School Sisters of St. Francis of Christ the King (SSFCR)

Sr. M. MARGARETA PUCHER (March 6, 1818 - March 6, 1901)

Place and Date of Foundation
Maribor, Slovenia; September 13, 1869

Mother House
From 1869 until WWII, the Congregational Mother House was located in Maribor, Slovenia. In 1941, the Mother House was occupied by the Nazis.  It was later nationalized by the Communist government of Yugoslavia. From 1992 - 2002, following Slovenia's independence from the former Yugoslavia, the Slovenian government began the process of denationalization and restoration of properties.  It was through this process that  the Mother House and the house was returned to the Sisters.

In 1941 with the permission of the Holy See, the Generalate was transferred from Maribor, Slovenia to Rome, Italy. The Congregation's headquarters were in Rome until 2004 when it was transferred to Grottaferrata (Rome), Via Bruno Buozzi, 1. Tel: +39 06/94 12 466

General Government

The Congregation is divided into nine Provinces and the Region of Rome along with the Generalate:





Province of Lemont
School Sisters of St. Francis of Christ the King
13900 Main Street
Lemont, IL 60439
Tel. +1 630 257 7495