How to Become a Sister

Step by step - very simply!

One stops and reflects. After making the decision you take the first step and for every successive step, you freely decide again with God's help.

  • When one comes to realize that God loves you, and you desire to respond to that love, ask the Lord: What do you want of me? Listen to his mysterious voice; little by little you will come to understand it, to distinguish what is being said, and in pondering this, you will come to realize that perhaps it is a vocation to be a sister in the community of the School Sisters. Then come and take the following steps. 

  • Ask to come to one of our communities as an aspirant. Come and observe. During the time of aspirancy, you will be able to continue your schooling, work in some post, etc. 

  • After a period of time of some months or years - depending on age, years of schooling, and other responsibilities - ask to be accepted as a postulant. Postulancy lasts from 6 months to one year. It is the period during which you can come to know better our life by being inserted in the community and verify your decision. 

  • If you are convinced that this is your vocation, ask to enter the novitiate which lasts one or two years. During this time you strengthen your union with the Lord who loves you, reinforcing your decision to know concretely if the way to follow Him is in the religious vocation. 

  • At the end of the novitiate, with the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, - made for one year - you give yourself totally to the Lord and the religious community. As a sign of this total giving, you receive the religious habit and veil. For your spiritual growth and maturation as a religious, the directress is there to help you. With dedication, you will be able to carry out the assignment given to you, or perhaps continue your studies. Each year you renew your religious profession by which you confirm your fidelity. 

  • After 4 to 6 years one makes her perpetual profession, confirming forever her faithfulness to God.