Provincia di Lemont

Province Headquarters
School Sisters of St. Francis of Christ the King
13900 Main Street
, IL 60439-9736 USA
Tel. +1 630 257 7495

Place and Date of Foundation
Chicago (Illinois) Novemer 18, 1922
  • Provincial Superior: s. M. Therese Ann Quigney
  • Vicaress: s. M. Ann Barbara Plavac
  • Councilor: s. M. Annette Shircel, s. M. Kathleen Vugrinovich,
    s. M. Paula Nasenbeny
  • 5 communities (Illinois - USA)
  • 41 sisters

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A Brief History

In October, 1909, Rev. Mother Stanislaus Voh sent Sister Bonaventure Kunst, Sister Aurelia Planker, Sister Pulcheria Zovko and Sister Clotilda Strnad to answer the call for teachers made by the pastor of St. John the Baptist Church in Kansas City, Kansas. Their teaching apostolate was broadened with the opening of an orphanage in 1919 and by the time it closed in 1988, more than 3,000 children had passed through its doors.
In 1920 the administrational center for the Sisters was temporarily established at Sacred Heart Convent in Chicago, Illinois. The Novitiate was officially opened there in 1922 by the decree of the Sacred Congregation, and on November 18, 1922, the North American Province of St. Francis of Assisi was officially established. On August 1, 1926, the Provincial Center and Novitiate were officially transferred to Lemont, Illinois.
Since 1909 the Sisters of this Province have served in over 25 houses and grade schools in the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and California.
A high school was begun in Mount Assisi Convent in 1951. A new and independent building was constructed and Mount Assisi Academy officially opened in 1955.
In 1943 the Sisters opened a home for the elderly in the former Provincial House.
Our Lady of the Angels House of Prayer was opened in 1990 and since October, 1998, it has served to meet the spiritual needs of not only our Sisters, but other religious, priests and lay people as well.