Chapter 9 | Apostolic Life

29. The brothers and sisters are to love the Lord with their whole heart, their whole soul and mind and with all their strength, and to love their neighbor as themselves. Let them glorify the Lord in all they do. For He has sent them into the world so that they might give witness by word and work to His voice and to make known to all the Lord alone is God (cf. Mk.12:30, Mt. 22:30).

30. As they announce peace with their lips, let them be careful to have it even more within their own hearts. No one should be roused to wrath or insult on their account; rather, all should be moved to peace, goodwill and mercy because of their gentleness. The sisters and brothers are called to heal the wounded, to bind up those who are bruised, and to reclaim the erring. Wherever they are, they should recall that they have given themselves up completely and handed themselves to every enemy, visible and invisible, for love of Him because the Lord says: “Blessed are they who suffer persecution for the sake of justice, theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Mt. 5.10).

31. In that love which is God (1 Jn.4:6) all the brothers and sisters, whether they are engaged in prayer, or in announcing the Word of God, or in serving or doing manual labor should strive to be humble in everything. They should not seek glory, or be self-satisfied, or interiorly proud because of a good work or word God does or speaks in or through them. Rather in every place and circumstance, let them acknowledge that all good belongs to the most high Lord and Ruler of all things. Let them always give thanks to Him from whom we receive all good.